Broadcast Solutions designed virtual reality solution for Telia Esports League


Telco provider Telia started a new esports league in Finland at the end of April. “Telia Esports Series” uses studios and virtual reality solutions provided by Broadcast Solutions. The Telia Esports Series is not only designed for the players but for the viewers also as the weekly league is broadcasted on the Finnish national television and internationally through the Twitch channel. Telia will run the Telia Esports Series together with company Assembly, and the starting tournament featured the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive computer game and the Arena of Valor mobile game. The total prize money is € 50,000, and the top esports teams in Finland will compete in the series.

Using pre-existing studio and remote facilities of the production company Streamteam Nordic and leveraging cost-effective virtual studio tools Broadcast Solutions provides Telia with a flexible and individual production setting that best fits their needs and enables the maximum use of existing infrastructure. Esports have become hugely more popular in recent years, and competitive gaming has become a business generating hundreds of millions of dollars. Tens of millions of spectators watch major international tournaments. With the existing studio and remote production hub plus virtual reality tools, Telia has all needed resources at hand, to fulfil its dedicated task, to make Finland a leading country in esports.

Recently Broadcast Solutions implemented a state-of-the-art Remote production hub with virtual studio facilities for Streamteam/Telia’s production of the Finnish Ice Hockey. Part of this infrastructure is now in use to produce the Telia Esports Series. This double-use once again stresses the flexibility of the hub and the virtual technology implemented by Broadcast Solutions. The studio and gaming room are located in a production facility 2km away from the Remote Production Hub For the virtual setting Broadcast Solutions used technology by virtual reality company Zero Density plus remodelling and implementing a commercially available virtual set. The studio is mainly used for horse racing programs, switching the studio’s look to the esports setting takes only 10 seconds plus the time to change the studio table, a quick and easy to operate solution. As a speciality, during horse racing programs the production in the studio takes place in 1080i50 whereas the hub and the entire esports production works in 1080p50. The remote production system makes this transition from 1080i50 to 1080p50 possible.

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