Broadcaster’s dixit: the future of TV. OBS.


Answers by Sotiris Salamouris, Chief Technology Officer at OBS

What will be the future of broadcasting?
What we do know is that the trend will continue and that it will consist of more IP, more cloud and, along with them, more remote. All of these improvements have to do with supporting more content creation density. Because the need is always there, we will always need to create more content than we are doing, and this is a trend since the beginning of the TV coverage of the Olympic Games.

That density is the goal of the technical infrastructure and this is where IP helps and the cloud helps tremendously. More and more broadcasters are starting to be as flexible as possible in their own operations. This means that also more and more things will have to happen remotely for them. Again, video and audio over IP and the cloud are critical. This will be the evolution of the overall trend.

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