Broadpeak achieves world-first cache mobility through 5G networks

Broadpeak has recently announced that it has completed the industry-first trial for its Cache Orchestrator. Automatic cache instance deployment and termination, edge cache relocation, and the first inter-cache user mobility tests were successfully achieved. This tool offers a CDN solution for cache allocation on 5G Networks.

“The key to delivering the best video experience over mobile networks is to bring content as close as possible to the end user. We are very excited to have accomplished the first phase of our Cache Orchestrator trial, aimed at optimizing further the quality of experience on every screen”, said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak.

Broadpeak’s Cache Orchestrator offers a complete orchestration framework that is video-service-aware, Kubernetes-based, 100% virtualized, and configurable through a standardized API. The Broadpeak’s solution automatically and seamlessly reallocates video sessions when instances shift around, and their configurations are constantly fine-tuned through a centralized process based on real-time usage analytics collected at every tier of the system.

“We are thrilled to complete the first step in this groundbreaking project and are already working on the next phase of Cache Orchestrator, which will focus on testing the solution based on the latest 5G edge-related standardization”, said Guillaume Bichot, principal engineer and head of exploration at Broadpeak.

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