BT Media and Broadcast collaborates with LiveU to enhance live content sharing for broadcasters

LiveU and BT Media and Broadcast have joined forces to offer an innovative live content sharing solution for broadcasters, benefiting various industries including sports, remote production, news, and live events.

This collaboration integrates LiveU’s Reliable Transport (LRT™) protocol with BT’s extensive content and distribution network, encompassing Internet Protocol (IP) and Serial Digital Interface (SDI), providing a seamless experience for customers.

BT Media and Broadcast handles up to 24,000 hours of content daily through its International Media Centre at BT Tower in London, serving as a crucial component for UK broadcast services and global production connections. To enhance its capabilities, BT has incorporated LiveU’s receiving and decoding technology, allowing for direct receive and transmit functions.

This partnership offers several use cases, including LiveU users easily reaching non-LiveU recipients, enhancing resiliency alongside traditional fixed links using LiveU technology, and enabling smaller broadcasters and channels without a master control room to access live content and engage viewers.

Matthew Stringer, UK Sales Director, LiveU, said, “This is a milestone in the evolution of LiveU’s global reach and is great news for the global broadcast community. We very much see the ability to turn up, connect and capture content seamlessly, as the future, and with the reach BT Media and Broadcast has, there’s tremendous commercial benefits to us working together to offer this capability.”

In addition to this collaboration, BT Media and Broadcast has acquired multi-camera LU800 field units, expanding production options for customers, especially for large-scale events using private and public 5G networks, while also ensuring premium redundancy.

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