Calrec Argo consoles empowers NEP Australia’s IP and remote production capabilities for first time

NEP Australia Calrec consoles mixing

NEP Australia, part of NEP Group, is boosting its remote production, IP-enabled Andrews Hubs in Sidney and Melbourne, including the opening of three new production suites in Sidney — production suites Five, Six and Seven. NEP has installed a Calrec Argo console within each of these audio control rooms, expanding the company’s remote production resources. Primarily being used for mixing National Rugby League games, the Argos is utilized for a variety of other sports productions.

NEP Australia is known for its extensive fleet of OB vans and custom studio productions. The Andrews Hubs, which first opened in 2018, are ST 2110 facilities and are recognized as some of the world’s largest networked remote production centers. The Hubs are connected to 59 sports venues via a high-bandwidth network and support multiple and concurrent outside broadcasts. At the heart of the expansion is a Calrec 96-fader Argo Q, which sits in what is now Australia’s largest remote production suite, ACR7 as well as two Argo S consoles in the other two, new suites, ACR5 & ACR6. Each control room is paired with one of NEP’s 2110 OB trucks and NEP is able to remotely control the equipment in each truck.

Calrec’s Argo consoles were designed from the next generation’s approach to audio mixing. 


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