Calrec brings to market a more affordable option for moving your workflows to IP: ImPulse1 IP

Calrec has recently announced the ImPulse1 IP audio processing and routing engine following the launching of the Argo audio mixing control platform.

ImPulse1 IP is a smaller and cost-effective ST2110 version of the ImPulse. It is a compact 1U solution with an optional second core for redundancy and 128 input channel DSP pack.

The objective of this introduction to the market is to move the IP infrastructures into a more attainable level and attract more clients.

Dave Letson, VP of Sales at Calrec said, “Broadcasters are under pressure to improve workflows in the move to ST2210 and reduce costs whilst still demonstrating ROI. With this in mind, we have introduced a cost-effective and compact 1U solution with an optional second core for redundancy and a range of DSP options, including a new 128 channel DSP pack.”

ImPulse1 features are a fully self-contained DSP core as well as dual AC PSUs; twin core hardware redundancy or optional single core systems are available with ST2022-7 as standard; up to 672 processing paths; native AES67 / SMPTE ST2110-30 connectivity; ST2110-30 connections can operate in 1 or 10Gbps mode; max router capacity of 2,048 x 2,048; Up to 512 ST2110 streams —each stream can pass between 1 to 80 audio channels—; and the surfaces connectivity is produced via IP, so the control could be remoted.

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