Canal 3 Radio integrates its new studio with the Lawo Ruby mixing console

Lawo consoles integrated in the latest studio by Canal 3

Bi-lingual Swiss radio station Canal 3, which broadcasts on two frequencies in the cantons of Berne and Solothurn, has chosen the Lawo ruby on-air console, combined with Power Core DSP mixing engine, as the centerpieces of their recently-completed air studio. Designed for dual duty as both a pre-production studio and a substitute on-air space, this is Canal 3’s third studio equipped with Lawo radio products.

Their new ruby console features a workflow-optimized split-frame setup, with a 12-fader main mixing surface for DJs, and an additional 4-fader module for in-studio newscasters. This configuration allows radio presenters to work independently, using physically separate portions of the same mixing surface, which are flush-mounted to enhance studio ergonomics. Consulting, construction, installation, and commissioning of both the broadcast technology and studio furnishings were provided by Zurich-based system integrator SLG Broadcast AG.

Canal 3 has relied on Lawo for many years. “The two existing production studios for German and French-language programs were first equipped with Lawo zirkon mixing consoles in 2010 and 2011,” explains Benedikt Hurni, Sales & Operations Manager at SLG Broadcast, “and at the end of 2016, these studios were upgraded to sapphire consoles.” Additionally, a mobile studio setup consisting of three flight cases was commissioned by SLG in 2018, utilizing a 12-fader ruby console with Power Core. “This new order for a third studio, which has just been completed, shows that Canal 3 is quite satisfied with Lawo technology, as well as with SLG’s services as a system house,” notes Hurni.

The station’s Program Director, Kevin Gander, agrees. “Our old pre-production studio had rather low-budget equipment. Thanks to financial support from our government for technical advancement projects, it was finally possible to build a proper third studio — and using radio technology with which we have had good experience for years, in terms of both quality and reliability.”

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