Canal + Africa migrates its delivery infrastructure with Enensys technology

Enensys Technologies has delivered a complete upgrade of CANAL + INTERNATIONAL for its EasyTV service in Africa. The operation has consisted in migrating the existing DVB-T2 network from a standard DVB-T2/T2MI over C-band delivery towards an OneBeam DVB-SIS over Ku-band delivery.

The migration enables CANAL + INTERNATIONAL to generate OPEX satellite capacity saving by merging the DTT distribution with its existing DTH distribution. Using the Ku-band DTH Platform enables good DTT signal distribution while not impacted by 5G interferences.

The first phase started with Guinea-Conakry before being extended to major cities throughout several equatorial African countries (DRC, Congo, Ivory Coast & Cameroon).

Enensys deployed a fully redundant ‘OneBeam’ DVB-T2 distribution system, switching between main and backup feeds, EdgeProbe Advancedfor monitoring transmitter sites. The system has been supplied through AUCOM, the Sub-Saharan systems integrator and business partner of Enensys. The upgrade was produced after extensive testing by CANAL + INTERNATIONAL teams.

Cedric Vialle, VP Broadcast & Set top box solution at CANAL + INTERNATIONAL said “we are pleased to use this OneBeam solution by Enensys that has enabled us to adapt our DTH distribution to a DVB-T2 transport to our DTT transmitters efficiently.  We also have been looking for an integrated monitoring solution that will help us in the maintenance and operation of all our Broadcast transmission and we are satisfied that the EdgeProbe solution meets this requirement”.

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