Canal+ Group and EVS partners for IP-based infrastructure in the new Canal+One

Canal+ Group has teamed up with EVS to develop an IP-based infrastructure built on EVS end-to-end solutions in its new CANAL+ ONE headquarters, in Issy-les-Moulineaux, near Paris.

The installation follows the decision of CANAL+ Group to concentrate its master control room (MCR), playout and production workflows into one building to streamline its operations, reduce redundancies and increase automation.

“Our relocation into the new HQ gave us the opportunity to rethink the way we work and completely transform our workflows,” said Pierre Maillat, Head of Technical Studies & Architecture at Canal+ Group. “The idea was to accelerate our SDI to IP transition, limit as much as possible the use of hardware and move towards more software-defined and cloud-based solutions, which offer the scalability and flexibility needed to optimize our operations while benefitting from future-ready workflows,” he added.

EVS teamed up with global media services company Red Bee Media to build a new IP-enabled production infrastructure based on EVS’ LiveCeption, MediaCeption and MediaInfra solutions. The setup consists of several XT-VIA servers for multi-source ingesting and delivering fast turn-around productions in any format and resolution. Supporting a high-speed, 100GbE live IP fabric connectivity, the servers work in 1080p with the ability to switch to UHD. This LiveCeption workflow also integrates the IP-based LSM-VIA® replay system, giving operators direct access to all content on the network and allowing them to focus on delivering compelling live replays and highlights much faster.

Signal conversion and processing is performed by the EVS Neuron network-connected processor, which also acts as the main tool for the SDI/IP bridge and as a firewall. Being able to activate a large number of different functionalities from the same hardware will help CANAL+ Group reduce rack occupancy and power consumption.Connected to the entire CANAL+ Group infrastructure, the EVS Cerebrum emission monitoring and control system offers advanced visual control for production and flexible orchestration of all devices for engineering teams.

Users can remotely access a fully virtualized, multi-site IPDirector® system to navigate, control, edit and playout content from easy-to-use interfaces. IPDirector can be adapted to any production environment and allows for easy integration and media exchange with any third-party system.

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