Canon integrates AMD’s Versal series AI into its Free Viewpoint Video system

Canon has recently selected the Versal AI Core series from AMD for its Free Viewpoint Video System. These products offer machine learning-based video processing at the edge for Canon camera systems.

The Canon Free Viewpoint video system consists of a ring of cameras that surround a stadium to allow broadcast viewers to see the action on the field from any position or angle. The Canon Free Viewpoint system is expected to be deployed at multiple basketball arenas in the U.S. and other sports venues around the world.

The Versal AI Core series’ high-throughput, ultra-low latency processing shortens image processing time. Live streaming networks can also monetize live event metrics such as match and player statistics. Canon technology moves the intelligence of AI-based video processing to the edge.

“This single-chip Versal solution allows our system to do more in real-time than we ever envisioned possible,” said Masanori Yamada, senior managing executive officer, head of Imaging Group, Canon. “Versal AI Core’s powerful edge-processing capabilities enable our system to handle multiple functions simultaneously so broadcasters can deliver new and immersive viewing experiences.”

“The implementation of machine learning at the edge during a live broadcast is an exciting first in the industry,” said Yousef Khalilollahi, vice president, Asia Pacific, at AMD. “The Canon camera system really puts the viewer in the game like never before. At the heart of Canon’s cutting-edge systems is the Versal AI Core series delivering the low latency edge-processing that is key to heralding this new era in live sports broadcasts.” now has
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