Capture Suite Ingest and Airbox Neo-20 Playout, new updates for Hayat TV

PlayBox Neo has announced the new installation for Hayat TV that includes two Capture Suite ingest systems and 10 Channel-in-a-Box systems assigned to playout of five high definition channels.

Newly integrated system provides efficient scheduling and automated transmission of Hayat TV’s five high-definition channels. The project was supervised by PBT Adria, PlayBox Neo’s distribution partner for the eastern Adriatic region.

Capture Suite gives tasks such as input selection, ingest presets, file-naming rules, assignments and auto-transfer. Also provides audio loudness monitoring as well as manual, scheduled and compliance ingest modes with automated input switching.

Content can be edited before the ingest process completes, with advantages for time-critical news channels. MXF and TS files are available for immediate playout via AirBox Neo-20 automation, again without having to wait for the ingest process to complete.

“We have been using PlayBox Neo products for many years, both software and hardware, and are extremely satisfied with the service and support,” says Nermin Karačič, Director of Information Technology at Hayat TV. “This latest-generation system provides the presentation, scheduling and automated playout facilities we need to process and transmit our entertainment channels, music channels and children’s cannel.”

“The newly integrated Capture Suite enables Hayat TV to speed up the context ingest process for all five of its channels,” adds Vladimir Stanić, PBT Adria’s General Manager. “These are transmitted in 1080i/50 high definition, each channel being equipped with a dedicated AirBox Neo-20 server as the playout primary plus a fully redundant secondary server to ensure continuity in the extremely rare event of an on-air failure. We also integrated PBT Adria Traffic Box traffic management software which is used for program rights handling, scheduling and EPG deployment.”

“Our CIAB solutions based on the AirBox Neo-20 server and its wide selection of supporting software are the choice for many broadcasters and playout service hosts around the world,” summarizes Pavlin Rahnev, CEO of PlayBox Neo. “Customers appreciate the operational confidence inherent in owning and operating dedicated Neo-20 systems, plus the ability to add cloud-connected resources quickly if needed to meet specific expansion requirements.”

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