CCTV uses Augmented Reality from Ross to welcome the Chinese New Year

A piece of the Augmented Reality during the show

China’s national broadcaster (CCTV) welcomed the Year of the Ox during its traditional Spring Gala. In the show, the Augmented Reality (AR) powered by Ross was a major protagonist. The broadcast was, once again, awarded with the Guinness World Records as the world’s most widely watched TV show.

During the past nine years, CCTV has used this technology in this traditional broadcast, with Ross as technology partner. To welcome this new year, CCTV featured more than twenty different scenes that were shot in 4K HDR using multiple cameras. Ross Video’s Voyager graphics rendering solution (based of the Unreal engine from Epic Games) powered the production as the audience was taken through a variety of different natural landscapes, including bamboo forests, mountains, deserts, the Great Wall and a martial arts sequence called ‘Heaven and Earth’.

“This year’s Spring Festival Gala was a triumph, and the team at CCTV should be very proud of their work. The training and support provided by Ross have clearly paid off – CCTV were extremely self-sufficient this year and it was very satisfying to see the team produce such amazing visuals with only minimal input and support from Ross”, comments Gideon Ferber, Ross Video’s Director Product management – Virtual Graphics.

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