CCTV develops China’s first full-IP video mobile system with Lawo V__matrix

CCTV studio full-IP with Lawo equipment

China Central Television (CCTV) has installed China’s first full IP video mobile system for video production. This premiere mobile studio project uses the Lawo V__matrix software-defined IP-Routing, Processing & Multi-Viewing Platform as its core technology infrastructure.

CCTV, in conjunction with Lawo China and video partner Acro-bright, worked in cooperation with China’s large regional system integrator, Beijing Yutian, to achieve this success, the latest in a number of joint Lawo / CCTV installations which include HD / UHD OB vans, audio SCRs, and studios in CCTV’s Beijing headquarters.

The UHD 4K designed mobile studio installation, originally planned to play a central role during the Summer Games 2020 broadcasts from Tokyo, began construction in January 2019 under the supervision of the CCTV Production Department. The project’s multiviewer design is based on three Lawo V__matrix systems using 19 C-100 core processing modules and 19 Virtual-Module installations of the Lawo vm_dmv. The overall installation integrates twelve Sony UHD camera channels and one EVS. The IP network is a spine-leaf topology employing Huawei switches for the infrastructure backbone, with two CE8850 switches for the redundantly-designed core and four CE6865 switches as leaves. The vision switchers and cameras were purchased from Sony.

For CCTV, the major benefits of the Lawo vm_dmv lie with its design as a 4k UHD multi-viewer based on IP, “with the most advanced concept available in the market for a 40G network environment”. CCTV has been using Lawo mixing consoles since 2007.

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