Chef Burton uses Telestream’s Wirecast solution to share cooking classes online

Telestream has recently shared the case study of an executive chef using the company’s live video streaming and production studio software solutions, precisely, Wirecast.

Jacob Burton is Executive Chef at the Renaissance Reno Downtown Hotel & Spa. It features 200 guest rooms, bars, restaurants, conference venues, and an indoor/outdoor bocce court. It also features R\LAB, a unique, full-functioning restaurant and culinary event space where Burton and his team run hands-on cooking boot camps and private parties that give people a taste of the celebrity chef experience.

Burton realized that the R\LAB could add another dimension to the live classes and also invite the online cooking community into the professional R\LAB kitchen. The hotel installed eight 4K cameras to capture different angles around the kitchen. The chef uses Telestream Wirecast to capture, produce and stream his content on YouTube and Facebook Live channels.

“Wirecast is a one-stop shop. I don’t need to hire an audio producer, video producer and someone to wire all the cameras together. I just plug myself in via Wirecast’s Firewire feature, fire it up, and I can see the sources. It just works,” assures Burton.

Chef Burton has created more than 200 instructional cooking videos, including 30 live streams. His YouTube channel has 179,000 followers. Watch Chef Jacob and Wirecast in action in the R\LAB here.

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