The Chinese cable operator BGC has upgrade its infrastructure with Ateme

Ateme has recently announced that the Chinese cable operator Beijing Gehua Cable (BGC) has trust on encoders from this company to enhance its cable TV services. Part of the decision was made because this technology allowed BGC to reduce its energy footprint.

BCG has replace its legacy infrastructure with Ateme Titan; and UHD, HDR and efficient compression are characteristics that Ateme AVS2 software has proportionated to BCG. The deployed solution includes software optimizations for higher-density compression and to reduce bandwidth usage and energy consumption. BCG has already relied on Ateme’s solutions for elements of its OTT delivery since 2018.

Xiao Zhang, Country Manager Greater China, ATEME, commented, “Our relationship with BGC has gone from strength to strength in recent years. The latest deployment of our head-end will help bring even greater reliability and stability to BGC’s set-up, which serves Beijing with hundreds of HD and UHD channels. Our solution ensures that viewers receive the high-quality viewing experiences they deserve, and we expect it will pave the way for other regions to follow.”

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