Chyron releases 4.6 update for PRIME platform with new features for operability and AWS integration

Chyron has recently updated its PRIME platform. The new 4.6 version enhances the very same PRIME platform, PRIME CG’s Designer interface, and PRIME Edge interactive graphics solutions.

The objective is to ease production workflows in the cloud, leverage data in real time to drive productions, and introduce interactive graphic elements to online streams.

The benefits this update brings to the PRIME platform are as follows: the solution now supports planar alpha for 8-bit and 10-bit video in AWS CDI environments, it also supports a direct upload tool that supports the transport of graphics from PRIME Designer to a cloud-native Chyron LIVE production instance.

In the operability of the Designer tool, enhancements have been inserted such as tabbing in the designer, loading into Chyron LIVE via bounding boxes, new search and organization capabilities, and renewed flexibility in search and organization.

Regarding enhancements to Adaptive Live Graphics, live editing of text data sources has been added, PRIME graphics can respond to new dataset updates, and quick access commands have been inserted for advanced functions during the broadcast.

Finally, on new features concerning interactivity, While Chyron is working to bring the full functionality of PRIME CG effects to PRIME Edge interactive scenes, a new PRIME Edge scene in PRIME Designer disables incompatible effects when designing an interactive graphic. In addition, new capabilities and functions for interpreting operator touch gestures have been added. Finally, PRIME designers can now set limitations on the movement of X, Y and XY gestures to better solidify how viewers interact with an interactive graphics.

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