Chyron releases CAMIO 5.3 to facilitate production and boost graphics workflow efficiency

Chyron's New CAMIO 5.3 Enhances Graphics Workflow Efficiency and Production Flexibility

Chyron, company whith headquarters at New York, has announced the introduction of the latest update of its solution, CAMIO 5.3, for enhanced graphics workflow efficiency and production flexibility; besides, new update offers new features for adapting graphics across multiple news markets as well as integrations with newsroom computer systems and latest non-linear editing suitesĀ 

Chyron recently announced the release of CAMIO 5.3, the latest edition of the company’s Media Object Server (MOS)-driven newsroom graphics management system. Targeting the evolving requirements of news broadcasters, updates in CAMIO 5.3 empower producers and journalists through tighter integration with the latest nonlinear edit (NLE) and newsroom computer systems (NRCS), more extensive use of MOS newsroom information to drive efficient playout, and a new workflow for dynamic management of graphic projects across multiple teams within distributed workflows.

“CAMIO has always been about simplifying graphics for every step in the newsroom process, and updates to version 5.3 reflect our ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of our core news customers,” said Robin Boemare, product portfolio director of content management technology at Chyron. “Bringing the power of the PRIME Platform for live production into the hands of reporters and producers, CAMIO is a central element of the modern newsroom workflow. With this 5.3 release, users gain valuable efficiencies in bringing high-quality graphics to air from their role-specific applications of choice”.

The most notable update in CAMIO 5.3 is its new User Access Control Panel, which allows administrators to create dynamic user permission groups across distributed teams. As a result, local stations enjoy edit access over localized graphics projects without overwriting master packages that should only be edited by the designated art department. Whether the station or station group uses a centralized hub-and-spoke model or a more distributed stem-and-leaf model, the right people have the right permissions to access and edit content.

Another key area of improvement in CAMIO 5.3 is providing more graphics metadata to drive automated productions from the newsroom computer system. A new API connecting PRIME and CAMIO enables use of XMP metadata to auto-fill replaceable text fields for PRIME graphics within CAMIO, saving time and eliminating typos. A new timecode OUT for graphics allows journalists and producers working with CAMIO’s NRCS plugin, LUCI, to specify a precise time when the graphic playout ends, overriding any duration set in the template’s animations. The automation system pulling from the newsroom rundown can use this timecode information to manage graphics automatically, keeping the rundown on schedule.

With support for the latest versions of Grass Valley Edius (versions 9 and 10), CAMIO 5.3 provides an easy pathway to bring PRIME graphics from a CAMIO template library into an Edius editing project. The CAMIO NLE Plugin has long been a feature of CAMIO, and ongoing updates to accommodate leading NLE applications help users ensure a consistent look across live and post-produced content, often through efficient, centralized creation of all graphics for live and post.

CAMIO 5.3 now integrates with SNews Arion, an NRCS that is gaining traction in the news industry with its easy-to-use interface and tools. This furthers Chyron’s commitment to ensure that CAMIO works in all newsroom environments, regardless of the NRCS vendor. Chyron also has upgraded existing NRCS integrations with support for the latest versions of ENPS, OpenMedia, iNews, and Inception News.

Updates to CAMIO 5.3 introduce further workflow efficiencies across scene rendering and playout. Media Engine enhances the PRIME and CAMIO workflow by rendering scenes as clips using replaceable information from LUCI, and it now can render these scenes as ProRes files with interlaced video formats, supporting more efficient graphics preview, approval, and repurposing. The CAMIO ISQ (Intelligent Sequencer), which drives one or multiple PRIME graphics engines to deliver custom templates for playout, now features a convenient “Display Story Header” option that simplifies story block organization and makes the playlist easier to read and monitor.

CAMIO 5.3 is available for download now.

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