Chyron expands its product-focused directive to revamp its portfolio

Chyron has recently announced two additions to its board of directors that, in words of the company, will enhance their products.

Nikole McStanley has been named Product Portfolio Director of Live Production Technology, which includes the PRIME platform and all its modules: CG graphics, branding, clip server, video walls, venue control, production switching, touch screen, edge user-controlled graphics, augmented reality, and automation. Additionally, her portfolio includes Paint (illustrated replay), VP (virtual placement and advertising), and VSAR (virtual sets and augmented reality). Before, she developed other roles related with other broadcast technology vendors and also she has worked for Chyron before as a product specialist. “I look forward to further ‘de-siloing’ our products and continuing the evolution of PRIME to be an ever more versatile, easier-to-use platform,” said McStanley. “We have a very exciting new launch coming soon.”

At the same time, Robin Boemare has been named Product Portfolio Director of Content and Data Management Technology, which includes Newsticker, AXIS (maps, charts, composite images, and order management), CAMIO (asset management and newsroom integration), and Chyron Weather products. He has 15 years of industry experience including delivery, solutions engineering, project management, and presales. “We want products across our entire portfolio to work together seamlessly,” said Boemare. “Products that facilitate data and asset management are the foundation that brings all of our products together. It is important to handle these shared resources consistently.”

“These two key appointments are an important part of our overall strategy of aligning and bringing together our products into unified platforms to create flexible, scalable solutions that are user-friendly and may be deployed on premises or in the cloud,” stated Mathieu Yerle, Chyron Senior Vice President of Strategy and Product.

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