Chyron provides real-time graphics and video playout for NBC Olympics

Chyron provides real-time graphics and video playout for NBC Olympics

NBC Olympics continues with the announcements of its providers for the broadcast of the Tokyo Olympic Games. In this occasion, Chyron has been selected to deploy its real-time graphics and video playout solutions.

Chyron is supporting the remote production workflow with Lyric X, a 4K-ready solution for graphics creation and playout. Lyric systems will be used at NBC Sports’ International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Conn., to enable a workflow for adapting graphics and getting them to air. Additional Lyric systems will be deployed in a dedicated control room in Tokyo.

Deployed in Tokyo for in-studio use, Chyron’s PRIME Video Walls solution will deliver visual presentations on various individual displays, or across a monitor wall. A single system will feed high resolution graphics and video content to various screens.

“We are happy to be a trusted partner of NBC Olympics for one of the most prestigious sporting events on the calendar,” said Ulke. “NBC Olympics has been pioneering remote production workflows with its coverage of the Olympic Games over the years, and we’re proud to have supported ongoing innovation through continued extension of our products’ feature sets to address specific goals and challenges. We look forward to another successful event supporting NBC Olympics’ coverage of the Tokyo Olympics.”

“We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Chyron for our coverage of the Tokyo Olympics,” said Jefferson. “The tools that Chyron delivers for both real-time graphics presentation and the flexibility for video wall presentation allows our creative teams to really make our studio presentations and live coverage stand out. Our integrated data feeds also help our presentation tell the story and give context for the viewers at home.”

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