Chyron launches first major update for its LIVE graphics production platform

Chyron has recently announced a major update to its cloud-native live production platform: Chyron LIVE. 1.2 update introduces a set of graphics templates that are customizable within LIVE’s web interface. It also enhances user experience with asset import, live production controls, and audio commentary.

Users of the platform are able now to upload their own graphics scenes to a Chyron LIVE environment. The platform incorporates a new direct loading module that allows multiple scenes to be finalized in one or more Chyron LIVE environments. To get the right replaceable images and video clips for a show into Chyron LIVE, users can drag and drop from their computer’s local file explorer onto the LIVE tab in their web browser.

LIVE 1.2 also introduces a “Commentary” module that provides an interface for remote commentators to connect their audio to the production and monitor preview/program feeds of the game. Commentary audio is received via SRT streams and exposed as a mixable source in LIVE’s audio mixer console.

This update also bring others benefits when is time to go live. It has a list of shortcut keys for switching between cameras, keying in graphics, playing clips, controlling replays, and more greatly accelerates operation in a single-user scenario. All of Chyron LIVE’s shortcut keys are compatible with handy external control devices such as XKeys, Stream Deck, and more.

Lastly, a new “Instant Replay” functionality has been added to Chyron LIVE’s. It makes possible to automatically put a five-second replay clip on the air from the program feed with a single button push.

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