Chyron launches major updates to Chyron Live cloud production platform

Chyron has unveiled a suite of significant updates to its Chyron Live cloud-native production platform, firstly showcased at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas

The latest enhancements to Chyron Live are designed to improve online production accessibility, enable remote production monitoring, facilitate seamless remote commentary, provide more intuitive replay illustrations, and simplify graphics playout. These updates aim to elevate the quality of live streaming content for sports and news broadcasters targeting online audiences.

Kristy Weir, product manager at Chyron, emphasized the user-centric approach of the new features, stating, “Updates to Chyron Live focus on improving the way operators interact with the platform, not just to streamline production of fast-paced live events, but also to simplify tasks involved in enriching the streaming product. Our goal is to provide a user-centric platform that simplifies the live production process, allowing crews to focus on delivering high-quality content. We’re confident that these updates will significantly benefit our customers in the sports, news, and OTT markets — and we’ve received excellent feedback from our customers and visitors at the 2024 NAB Show.”

As company signals, a standout feature of the new Chyron Live release is the Multiviewer module, offering four independently configurable multiviewers for remote production monitoring. This tool allows live video and audio monitoring of any source within the platform and enables easy sharing of multiviewer pages with registered users, providing remote directors and production staff with a comprehensive view of the show.

Chyron Live is renowned for integrating professional-grade graphics, replay, and audio tools into a single, on-demand cloud production environment. The latest updates enhance every aspect of the platform. Live now boasts increased Prime CG graphics capabilities, with a dedicated channel for the Matchpad sports playout module. Additionally, support for Prime Messages allows users to repurpose graphic templates into a catalog of quick-recall scenes with story-specific data. Other improvements include the ability to add clips and replays into graphics as replaceable assets.

The platform’s replay and telestration toolset has been revamped to enhance operator responsiveness during fast-paced sports productions. New features include dynamic playback speed control, additional replay clip banks for telestration editing, simple in-scene tools for managing illustrations, and rapid export clip functions, ensuring operators can capture all the highlight moments during a game.

On the audio front, Live’s Commentary module has been upgraded to simplify connectivity for remote sportscasters or news anchors. Integration of the WebRTC protocol enables easy connection of local device audio with a single button click in the web browser, and a new audio mix-minus feature ensures commentators receive clear production audio without feedback of their own voice.

The updates to Chyron Live also include a variety of additional improvements to enhance the overall user experience and support the creation of more visually complex and engaging programming. These include options for adding clips and replays to the current scene, error-reducing warning notifications and messages, support for both “dirty” and “clean” outputs, a more responsive design for smaller screens, and backend enhancements to balance web playout with network strength. By making the platform more intuitive and functional across the production workflow, the latest release of Chyron’s cloud platform empowers broadcasters to focus on delivering compelling content.

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