Chyron launches new version of PRIME platform with features that simplify cloud implementation

Chyron has recently introduced PRIME 4.5. The new version adds features that simplify the shift toward cloud-based workflows for live uncompressed video, give users control over live data without the need for complex scripting, bring efficiency to common data-management and scene-building tasks and automate virtual camera effects within a scene.

Chyron’s implementation of AWS Cloud Digital Interface (CDI) in PRIME 4.5 enables users to encode, transport, and stream uncompressed 4K video and audio in the cloud with Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) and AWS Elemental MediaLive. PRIME Platform modules are deployable on high-performance EC2 instances, while output streams route to other PRIME systems or streaming distribution chains via a simple IP address connection with MediaLive.

For playout operators, the platform add a  “while loop” condition that continually scan data sources for newly entered values and automatically update scene control panels or trigger parameter-based updates.

There are also new tools for working with JSON data objects, such as “collapse nodes” that translate nested data values into tables and custom queries for finding specific data sets.

For designers, version 4.5 reduces the time required to build and edit complex scenes with new automation and scene navigation efficiencies. A new “billboard” effect can be applied to objects in a scene so that they rotate and track with a camera that’s animated with key frames. On the scene management side, designers can navigate through scenes with the ability to highlight all actions associated with a scene object for editing of keyframes. Finally, users can now copy and paste automation rules between different device connections in their PRIME workflow.

“New features and capabilities in PRIME 4.5 make day-to-day creative and technical operations more flexible and efficient while opening the door to cloud-based video workflows,” said Ariel Garcia, Chyron CEO.

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