Chyron unveils Prime 4.9: boosting data-driven live production

Chyron has introduced Prime 4.9, the latest iteration of its robust live production engine, aimed at driving the most demanding data-driven sports and news production workflows. The new release brings a host of updates, both significant and subtle, developed for enhancing the operator experience and improving efficiency in designing and executing complex graphics that draw data from real-time sources.

Nikole McStanley, Product Portfolio Director of Prime at Chyron, commented on the release, stating, “Version 4.9 reflects the dual focus of the Prime development team: delivering new innovations and addressing feedback from customer conversations. Our new features, such as the Duplicate Effect and expanded Table Resource, provide efficient tools for handling time-consuming graphics. Additionally, fine-tuned adjustments to the design and playout interfaces offer significant time savings for day-to-day users.”

Simplifying complex data-driven graphics

According to Chyron, this tool’s new version introduces enhanced integration capabilities for the table resource, allowing it to integrate with a wide range of industry-standard data sources, including text files, Excel files, web-based JSON data, and online databases.

A notable addition is the Duplicate Effect, which streamlines the process of building table graphics with multiple rows and columns linked to data. This feature eliminates the need for manual cell-by-cell data-binding, recognizing links between graphic elements and data sets.

Improving the design and playout experience

Version 4.9 includes several enhancements to the design and playout interfaces, based on customer feedback. Adaptability features for designers enable zooming in on keyframes, organized keyframe control actions, and rapid object renaming throughout the scene tree, facilitating management of scenes with multiple timed animations. New frame quality settings optimize performance, particularly for media-heavy graphics or demanding 4K monitor wall environments.

For playout operators, keyboard improvements on the control panel enable efficient control of multiple graphic channels without mouse usage. The engine also offers import/export capabilities for playout configuration settings, facilitating quick transitions between shows.

Optimizing live production workflows

The live production engine’s latest version introduces new opportunities to streamline production workflows. The GPI IN functionality allows third-party control of Prime playout from devices like video switchers via a general-purpose interface. Hardware bypass workflows no longer require external hardware, with support for direct bypass through supported Matrox I/O cards. Additionally, Prime 4.9 enhances connections to real-time SMT data applications for top-tier broadcasters, ensuring reliable data collection and integration with graphics.

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