Chyron premieres its Prime Live platform and a new software-based 2-M/E switcher

Chyron premieres its Prime Live Platform and a new Software-Based 2-M/E Switcher

Chyron has announced the release of the Prime Live Platform production engine. This will be de Version 4 of the Prime product family of the company. Furthermore, the company premiered its new software-based, 2-M/E switcher with a multichannel audio mixer.

According to the company statement, the new Prime Live Platform can be deployed on different environments such as a custom hardware, a virtualized machine or entirely in the cloud. On the other hand, Chyron assures that its new switcher supports 4K, UHD, HDR HD and SD formatsm with a wide variety of inputs and outputs (SDI, IP, NDI, H264 streams).

“With a comprehensive, specialized software suite that enhances production values and simplifies workflows,  PRIME has evolved into a uniquely robust and versatile platform,” said Ariel Garcia, CEO at Chyron “The newest addition to the platform, PRIME Switcher, is ideal for generating professional-grade output for smaller broadcast productions, OTT delivery, direct streaming to social platforms, or disaster recovery while minimizing cost, complexity, and reliance on fixed physical resources.”

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