Claxson moves its MAM operations in the cloud with Primestream

Claxson moves its MAM operations in the cloud with Primestream

Primestream Xchange Media Cloud was selected by Claxson as a cloud-based solution to migrate its MAM operations. This process will begin in the next weeks and it is expected to be finish on the second half of this year.

The company will migrate several legacy, on-premises broadcast systems and the MAM system to Xchange Media Cloud, hosted by AWS. Since a great deal of content assets is housed in the Primestream Workflow Server, migration to the new environment will be easier. As the solution runs natively on the AWS platform, Claxson will be able to take advantage of the complete AWS toolkit for content archiving in both deep storage and nearline storage from within the Xchange Media Cloud environment.

“Like many media and entertainment companies, we had to find a way to protect our teams while staying operational when the pandemic hit last year. We were able to migrate to effective remote collaboration and corporate workflows in only a few days, but we have still lacked the ability to manage all the digital assets held in our on-premises broadcast systems,” said Federico Zwiebel, chief financial officer, Claxson. “Now that we’re ready to take all of our MAM capabilities to the cloud, we know Xchange Media Cloud is the right choice. Not only does it have an airtight integration with our cloud platform, AWS, but its collaboration capabilities are outstanding looking into the future.”

“Claxson’s multiscreen expertise has brought exciting content to millions of viewers in Ibero-America through its innovative and high-quality digital products. And now, Claxson will be our first customer to make such a large-scale migration to Xchange Media Cloud,” said Daniel Formica, director of professional services at Primestream. “Like so many media companies today, Claxson discovered over the past year the many benefits of cloud services for supporting remote workflows and enabling collaboration from anywhere. And now, it will be an honor to help the company go to the next phase and build a cloud-based operation that will prepare Claxson for the challenges of the media production future.”

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