Clear-Com explains the benefits of its Agent-IC® app for work-from-home productions

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With many productions around the world currently operating from the homes of staff and on-screen talent due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Clear-Com® has seen a rise in the adoption of Agent-IC®, its mobile app for iOS and Android that turns smartphones, tablets and wearable devices into intercom panels with connectivity over WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE networks.

Since its launch in 2015, Agent-IC has been used to provide an “easy-to-implement” communication solution between facility-based staff and production teams on location for field reporting, live event production, remote coordination and other critical tasks. Local and remote LQ® devices can access up to 48 Agent-IC users, where LQ acts as a server for the app. With a Clear-Com’s Eclipse® mainframe in the studio, many more Agent-IC users can access the production intercom remotely—the number of users able to access the main intercom can vary depending on the quantity of IP ports on the E-IPA cards.

Clear-Com’s Agent-IC App is available on iOS and Android devices, including phones, tablets and the Apple watch. With the appropriate license, the downloadable client can be set up and activated via Clear-Com’s configuration management tools in Eclipse-HX or LQ. There is also a free demo mode available for those interested in exploring the capabilities of the app.

Broadcast stations of varying sizes throughout the world, including Verizon Media, Philadelphia’s WFMZ/WDPN-TV and Germany’s Home Shopping Europe (HSE24), are now looking to Agent-IC to meet their production needs from home, and in the last two weeks alone, more than 30 customers have added the app to their networks.

For Verizon Media, the adaptive connectivity of their Eclipse frame has allowed production teams to take full advantage of their Agent-IC mobile clients, granting full remote access to connect comms to their base intercom system without having anyone in the studio. Dan Brantigan, Verizon Media’s Head of Audio said, “Agent IC has been the communications glue that has allowed Yahoo Finance and Verizon Media to run fully remote productions during the current COVID-19 situation in New York City… A lifesaver.”

HSE24 is using Agent-IC as a full-fledged intercom system and for in-ear monitoring, connecting live experts to the bidirectional intercom lines from the main studio to the other external locations. They have been integrating additional Agent-IC licenses into their existing Eclipse intercom system on a need-basis. Norbert Wilinski, Broadcast Engineer for HSE24, commented, “Due to the current situation we had to move some of our live productions to remote offices. Thanks to the seamless integration of Clear-Com’s Agent-IC app, remote staff were able to continue producing live content, maintaining our usual workflow and guaranteeing real-time command.”

Jeff Kuhns at WFMZ/WDPN-TV also recognized the “practicality and convenience” of Agent-IC in today’s circumstances. “With our company requiring our news producers to work from home, Agent-IC has been a vital key to our success and our staff is amazed with the flexibility it has given them. Having a full intercom panel on their mobile device allows them to interact with our production team, news anchors, ENG crews and reporters in real time, from their home office. It’s a vital tool for today’s work environment.”

Bob Boster, President, Clear-Com, added,“Clear-Com has always had a broad offering of products and solutions for various workflows and working conditions. While it would be fair to say we never imagined our current scenario, Agent-IC is providing a simple yet highly effective solution to help production teams working-from-home all over the world stay connected.”

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