Clear-Com is among the foundations laid by Intuitive Machines, wich aims to put a man on the moon

Intuitive Machines is a provider and supplier of space products and services aimed at sustainable exploration of the Moon, Mars, and beyond. The Houston-based space company has a busy schedule in 2023.

Among its current efforts, IM used its Lunar Telemetry and Tracking Network (LTN) to monitor NASA’s Orion and Artemis spacecraft. The company also looks forward to upcoming missions of its own that will provide payload services to jumpstart the lunar economy, beginning with Mission “IM-1” later this year.

To support all of those initiatives, IM is expanding its command and control facilities through the addition of mission control rooms and increased interconnectivity between sites. They are doing it by scaling their existing Clear-Com infrastructure to meet all associated communication needs.

To deepen the functionality of its existing Eclipse system, IM added an EHX Analog interface card for local panel connections and a suite of V-Series panels to increase the number of communicating operators on the infrastructure. This provided each operator with the ability to communicate with another, whether local or remote, across up to 96 discreet communication circuits.

In addition, Clear-Com’s Agent-IC Mobile App and Station-IC Virtual Desktop Client solutions were deployed at its headquarters and at multiple ground stations around the world.

“Intuitive Machines is part of the Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative (part of the Artemis program), which is laying the foundation with scientific experiments and demonstration of the technologies necessary for the human return to the Moon,” explains Josh Marshall, IM’s Head of PR. “In laying the foundation for humans to return to the Moon, certain things have to exist to support that effort, including assets on Earth to support communications in space.”

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