Clear-Com equips the Jeffersonville High School TV & Radio Broadcast Program

Clear-Com equips the Jeffersonville High School TV & Radio Broadcast Program

Jeffersonville High School it’s located in Indiana. It has built a well reputation as a reference with its broadcast and production program and its own Radio and TV, WJHI. As part of its continuous upgrade, the centre counted with Crear Com and its Encore® Analog Partyline with IFB.

The High School channel covers the news and venues of its sports teams. For that, they have a control room, a broadcast booth on the stadium and a sprinter van. The main control room is a skybox that overlooks the 5,000-seat gymnasium and is next to the 1,000-seat auditorium, and it can connect to the Football Stadium across campus, the TV studio, the radio rooms, Director’s Table, and Sports Desk via the primary intercom system.

The system is comprised of a Clear-Com Encore Analog System complete with a four-channel SB-704 Main Station, RS-701 single-channel and RS-702 two-channel beltpacks, CC-300 headsets, and IF4W4 4-wire partyline interface with TR-50 IFB talent receivers and TS-1 talent earphones. The SB-704 main station is rack-mounted and mobile, so it can be transported to the Football Stadium Press Box and Broadcast Booth or to the new Sprinter van for analog partyline communication as needed.

Design and implementation of the new facilities was overseen by Jeffersonville High School teacher and WJHI Director, Tim Dench, who specified Clear-Com in the planning stages. “I wanted students to interact with gear that’s considered top-notch in the real world, and Clear-Com is ubiquitous in broadcast and was a necessity to have in the new facility,” Dench commented.

“Being able to use Clear-Com equipment every day just brings us to the next level and helps us in developing a skill set that will be valuable in college and beyond,” commented WJHI student, Lily Fondrisi. “Overall, my favorite part about being on the broadcast team is that I am building experience that will lead me to more opportunities in broadcast.” Lily has worked as a Sportscaster, Producer and Director for WJHI, and she has used Clear-Com in all her roles.

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