Clear-Com launches HXII-DPL Powerline device

Clear-Com launches HXII-DPL Powerline device

This new compact powerline device recently introduced by Clear-Com strength and delivers IP digital audio to HelixNet intercom systems over simple 3-pin XLR cabling without audio interference or channel selection constraints

Clear-Com has just announced its new HXII-DPL™ Powerline Device, an IP interface that delivers power and digital audio to HelixNet® beltpacks, speaker and remote stations from an Arcadia® Central Station System (or the legacy HMS-4X Main Station). Arcadia-based systems unfold and widen range of digital audio connectivity for HelixNet users, including IP transceivers, third-party devices via Dante, and support for the full range of FreeSpeak® Digital Wireless Systems.

The HXII-DPL Powerline Device is designed as a simple “plug-and-play” interface, connecting to any existing Arcadia system or XLR cabling infrastructure via its own network port to provide Powerline connectivity via 3-pin XLR anywhere on the network. Multiple HXII-DPL Powerline Devices can be added to increase HelixNet User Station capacity and allow for greater user density per system.

With support for up to seven HelixNet beltpacks on a single line containing all available HelixNet channels and program audio, the Powerline device can use passively split audio cabling similar to traditional analog partyline systems without any undesirable humming or buzzing of analog communication. Furthermore, the system features visual indicators to resolve any up-and-downstream cabling and overload issues. This architectural option remains a highly useful option for selected applications and further empowers Arcadia users to solve specialized communication problems in their operations.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the device includes mounting accessories to facilitate easy deployment in various environments: from standalone use as a “throwdown” device in temporary deployments to part of a rack mount or flypack installation or on a cable tray in an electrical cabinet, the silent, fan-free device is well-suited for any installation in a wide variety of market applications.

“Our customers spoke, and we listened,” says Simon Browne, VP of Product Management. “This compact powerline device is an eloquent solution to bridge the gap for so many Arcadia users who rely on XLR audio cabling for their intercom. We’re excited to offer this additional solution to our user base.”

The HXII-DPL Powerline is scheduled to begin shipping in Fall 2023.

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