Clear-Com and Matsuda Trading impulse Tulip TV’s intercom system in new Toyama facility

In a pivotal role, Clear-Com® has spearheaded the upgrade of Tulip Television Co. Ltd.’s intercom system for its state-of-the-art office building in Toyama City, Japan. As an affiliate of the Japan News Network (JNN), Tulip Television Co. Ltd. undertook a comprehensive modernization of its intercom system to meet the evolving demands of the broadcasting industry.

The entire upgrade process, spanning from the design and demonstration phase in 2020-2021 to equipment shipping in 2022 and installation amid Covid restrictions in early 2023, showcased a resilient and innovative approach to tackle challenges posed by the pandemic, both company stated.

Tulip TV and its longstanding partner, Matsuda Trading (MTC), expressed their commendation for the technology and mutual dedication displayed during the challenging circumstances. MTC emphasized their gratitude towards Tulip TV for their perseverance in installing cutting-edge communication equipment during the Coronavirus pandemic and a difficult procurement period. The commitment from Clear-Com and MTC to continue providing a stable intercom system in the future was reiterated.

Facilitated by Matsuda Trading (MTC), Clear-Com’s distributor in Japan, the deployed system incorporates a Clear-Com Eclipse(r) HX digital matrix system with FreeSpeak Edge® digital wireless. Leveraging Clear-Com’s highly flexible mobile smartphone app, Agent-IC®, the solution delivers a cutting-edge communication platform, simplifying and streamlining communications for Tulip TV.

The core of the system is the Eclipse HX-Delta, functioning as a central matrix, equipped with an E-IPA card for IP connectivity. This enables seamless communication between V-Series Iris™ Panels, FreeSpeak Edge transceivers, and Agent-IC across different rooms and locations, with Iris panels strategically placed at remote master/news desks. All wireless transceivers operate through the IP network, with a 5 GHz FreeSpeak Edge system providing wireless coverage for beltpacks in the ground floor studio.

Tulip TV’s technical team emphasized the unity of all endpoints within a single communication system, featuring numerous Clear-Com Iris key panels in each sub-table location. Interoperability extends to cameras, radios, announcer talkbacks, and phone lines.

The system designed for the new space offers Tulip TV an advanced communication environment, utilizing the Clear-Com system’s  functionality. Tulip TV expressed satisfaction with the user-friendly EHX management software and highlighted its ability to create a diverse communication environment.

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