Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II boosts communication in high-stakes medical environments

Houston’s medical center has adopted Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II Wireless Intercom System, marking a significant leap in communication technology within hyperbaric chambers. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has evolved from treating decompression sickness to addressing various ailments, from burn injuries to traumatic brain injuries.

In the quest for optimal communication within hyperbaric chambers, the medical center faced challenges with the existing integrated communication system—tinny sound, unclear communication, and insufficient range. To address these issues, Broadcast Technical Services (BTS) in Houston recommended Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II solution, which includes transceivers, beltpacks, and headsets.

Michael Hobart, Vice President – Sales at Broadcast Technical Services, highlighted the limitations of the previous system: “The oxygen pressure within the hyperbaric chamber exceeded the capacity of their previous equipment, leading to frequent failures. Clear-Com’s reliability has proven indispensable in these environments, known for its robust usability, ease of use, and quality standards.”

The FreeSpeak II system, offering four communication channels and a range of up to 300 feet, met the medical center’s expectations. Hobart explained, “The customer needed exceptional clarity, ease of use, and hands-free operation for multitasking. Now, they can communicate effectively in the hyperbaric area and beyond, enhancing teamwork, productivity, and patient privacy during rapid response situations.”

The FreeSpeak II base station, is positioned near the hyperbaric chamber control console, along with a transceiver atop the chamber, centralized communication range. The system’s scalability supports varying medical team sizes, accommodating doctors, nurses, and technicians for different patient cases. Its versatility allows integration with different intercom systems.

The medical staff, post-implementation, reported improved team communication during patient procedures, contributing to a more organized and calm environment. The customer expressed confidence in the FreeSpeak II system, stating, “It just works, and it works well. We can better serve our patients, ensuring our team stays connected through each therapy session.”

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