Clip Factory Pro for editing, clipping, and exporting content to the new media platforms for RTV

Clip Factory PRO ingests RTV channels 24×7 and provides an advanced workflow to simplify and speed up the content re-purposing to the web



Broadcasters and content owners need to publish their content quickly to their Web, OTT, VOD, and social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Some of these pieces usually include VOD content, programs’ highlights, etc. The solution has to be user-friendly (and not only for professional video editors) and easily accessible, especially after COVID, when most people started working from home.


RTV inquiry

RTV Slovenija produces programs for three national TV channels, two regional TV channels, two TV channels for the Italian and Hungarian national communities, three national radio channels, two regional radio programs, and a radio program for foreign citizens. Therefore, RTV was looking for a solution to easily select News, Weather, and Sports clips, add metadata and quickly publish any relevant content online. Moreover, RTV aims to publish the content online, on their VOD platform and be the first to publish the content.


ActusDigital Clip Factory Solution: not only a compliance logging

Actus Digital developed its Clip Factory solution to simplify, speed up the process of exporting clips to the web and allow not only professional video editors to create clips. Clip Factory can be a stand-alone solution or an add-on to Actus compliance logging solution. It enables the broadcasters to have one solution for compliance recording, quality monitoring, alerting, and clipping requirements.

RTV has deployed the company’s intelligent monitoring platform for tasks beyond traditional compliance and is using the Actus platform to simplify the creation, editing, and publishing of media clips (Clip Factory PRO). The Actus platform eliminates the need for professional video editors or old legacy editing systems, reducing costs and complexity for RTV.

Clip Factory PRO enables RTV to quickly re-purpose content for its VOD platform and news website. The Actus platform provides RTV with advanced editing and exporting options, allowing fast content publishing to boost viewer engagement. In addition, the Actus platform enables RTV to include and exclude segments for clips, add metadata and graphics, pre/post-roll, and select relevant profiles to speed up the clipping process. Utilizing the Actus platform, RTV records its national and regional channels in full HD, maintaining high video quality. The system includes a mix of both SDI and IP videos.

Furthermore, the Actus platform allows RTV to select a program from the electronic program guide (EPG), identify and automatically remove all commercials, and then publish the concatenated program using the same branding and transcoding settings from the saved profiles. Clips are created in multiple renditions based on the EPG with extra metadata.



Robust end-to-end clipping workflow

Clip Factory PRO is HTML based and is easily accessible from any browser such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox. No client installation is needed. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and from any workstation. There is no need for a dedicated machine to create and export the clips. The deployment can be on-premise, cloud-based, Virtual Machine, or Hybrid. The workflow goes from ingesting the channels and keeping them in HD quality, any input, or a mix such as IP, SDI, HLS, etc. Once the content is ingested and archived, it is easy to mark in/out the relevant content or add metadata with overlays or graphics. A transcoding engine is included to transcode the clip to any format needed. Integration with third parties transcoding farms is also available. It easily defines the number of profiles, allowing even a faster workflow. Clip Factory is fully integrated with all social media platforms. The clips can be created manually or use external metadata such as EPG or As Run log files for automation. It also uses automatic metadata generation such as speech-to-text or ads detection. The clip automation is done based on metadata or pre-defined rules. The automation example is the automatic removal of all the ads from the program and the “clean” program export to the VOD library.



According to RTV, which has been using Actus solutions before and continues to trust it, Actus completely solves the challenge to easily select News, Weather, and Sports clips, add metadata, quickly publish relevant content both online and on the VOD platform, and be digital-first. “Clip Factory PRO offers an easy-to-use workflow for editing, clipping, and content re-purposing. We have been using Actus Clip Factory PRO for several years and recently upgraded to the latest HTML5-based platform. Both platforms are reliable and user-friendly, allowing us to publish our content both online and on our VOD platform quickly and efficiently”, concluded RTV.

Actus Digital will demonstrate its intelligent monitoring platform at IBC2022, Sept. 9-12 in Amsterdam, at stand 7.B40. More information about Actus Digital’s platform is available at



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