Cloudbass invests in LiveCeption Signature solution energizing alliance with EVS

Cloudbass strengthens partnership with EVS with investment in LiveCeption Signature solution

It’s the largest independent company specialized in Outside Broadcast in the United Kingdom: Cloudbass has chosen to invest in a significant way in EVS’ LiveCeption Signature solution, which comes with a fleet of EVS XT-VIA live production servers

Within Cloudbass’ strategic upgrade plan, the deal involving the replacement of their current EVS XT3 servers and the deployment of additional XT-VIA servers is set to expand their capabilities. With this movement, Cloudbass countless tier 1 and 2 sports events such as the Scottish Premier League, motorsport and boxing, as well as the main stages at Glastonbury in UHD HDR, reinforces their aim to delivering cutting-edge live broadcasting services.

In addition to the XT-VIA servers, Cloudbass’ purchase includes LSM-VIA remote control units, granting operators seamless access to content from XT-VIA servers and enabling the creation of instant replays and  highlights. These LSM-VIAs will also be equipped with Multireview capabilities. As company claims, the inclusion of XFile3 in the workflow simplifies file transfer and archive management during live productions.

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