Cobalt Digital adds support for SMTPE and NMOS standards with Indigo ST 2110

Cobalt Digital has recently unveiled Indigo ST 2110, an openGear-based uncompressed solution featuring multiple 25G interfaces and 4K support. This series are a factory option that adds native SMPTE ST-2110 support to the Company’s 9904-UDX-4K and 9905-MPx audio/video processor cards. Support for ST-2022-7 is incorporated for improved network reliability as well as IS-04/IS-05 NMOS for automatic discovery and configuration. This included support makes interfacing to an existing network very straightforward, as the devices are auto discovered by the network management.

The audio/video processing engines of the 9904 and 9905 are capable of up/down/cross conversion, audio routing, color correction, and 3D-LUT processing.  Additionally, the 9904 platform has support for Advanced HDR by Technicolor. Now, with the Indigo ST 2110 2110 option, the door is open for the advanced processing in these cards to be available with IP inputs and outputs eliminating the need for any external gateways.

Suzana Brady, SVP Worldwide Sales & Marketing from Cobalt Digital adds: “The transition from SDI to IP has been underway for a few years now. Adding native ST-2110 interfaces to the audio/video processing elements provides a cost-effective, integrated solution.  Customers no longer need to put multiple boxes or processing elements in the data path switching between IP and SDI. The combination of Indigo ST 2110 and our 9904/9905 card-based processing solutions provides a compelling high-density native IP processing solution.”

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