Enhanced translator visibility: collaboration between The POOOL, AVTpro, and ProZ.com

OOONA, a  provider of professional management and production tools for the media localization sector, unveils an exciting collaboration involving The POOOL, AVTpro, and ProZ.com

Founded 25 years ago by a translator, ProZ.com has been dedicated to empowering language professionals, aiding them in achieving their business goals and maximizing their potential. With approximately 1.5 million registered users, it stands as the premier source of new clients for translators, interpreters, and language experts. ProZ.com is committed to supporting its members through a myriad of services, resources, and opportunities.

The brainchild of OOONA, The POOOL revolutionized the industry as the world’s first online directory exclusively for professionals in media localization. It simplifies the process of finding qualified talent specializing in various audiovisual domains, genres, and language pairs. Going forward, The POOOL will integrate ProZ.com profile details and links into its talent profiles.

AVTpro, the pioneering professional qualification in media localization, emerged in 2023 following extensive deliberations among The POOOL committee members. Offering certifications in Subtitle Translation and Subtitle Creation, it aligns with the primary tasks of subtitle translators. Presently, the AVTpro Certification badge will adorn translator profiles on both The POOOL and ProZ.com, spotlighting the expertise of individuals who have successfully completed this industry-specific certification.

“AVTpro Certification empowers ProZ.com language professionals to distinguish themselves from their peers when potential clients seek media localization experts,” states Mike Donlin of ProZ.com. “Credentials play a crucial role in comprehensive profiles on ProZ.com. Incorporating this certification, acknowledged by industry outsourcers, is indeed thrilling.”

“Our objective at The POOOL is to amplify the visibility of media localization professionals, facilitating swift discovery by language service providers in need of specialized assistance,” comments Shlomi Harari, Global Account Manager at OOONA. “Prioritizing the integration of the AVTpro badge within The POOOL directory underscores our commitment. Cross-referencing member data with ProZ.com, the most comprehensive platform for language professionals globally, will further enrich the value proposition we extend to professionals and language service providers leveraging our services.”

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