Conformance tool supports interoperability for DASH delivery

ATSC unites with industry partners to fund the DASH-IF Conformance tool

The JCCP (Joint Content Conformance Partners), funded by ATSC, DASH-IF, DVB Project, Consumer Technology Association® WAVE (Web Application Video Ecosystem) Project, and HbbTV Association, has released an enhanced tool for validating DASH content conformance to relevant media specifications. The collaboration among these five industry bodies resulted in improvements to the MPEG DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) specifications, emphasizing the importance of DASH content conformance for interoperability.

The DASH-IF Conformance Tool is accessible as both an online service and open-source software. Launched over a decade ago by DASH-IF, the tool has undergone continuous updates and extensions to align with specifications from various bodies. A joint effort over the past two years has refined the tool for increased reliability and accessibility. In addition to DASH content conformance, the updated tool includes options to verify CMAF and WAVE requirements, as well as HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) requirements.

The industry partners advocate for the tool’s widespread adoption and welcome feedback to drive further enhancements.

“ATSC proudly collaborated with these organizations, recognizing this as a crucial resource, and anticipates continued joint efforts for industry improvement,” stated Madeleine Noland, ATSC President.

The DASH-IF Conformance Tool will be presented and discussed during the online OSMART Workshop #2 on December 6-7, 2023.

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