Cooke Optics invests in two facilities to expand its global influence and to develop new S8/i FF T1.4 lenses

Crest Rise, a 600m2 production facility located near to the existing factory in Leicester, UK, was specifically commissioned to facilitate a fast introduction of the new S8/i FF T1.4 range, with the aim of achieving annual outputs significantly in excess of any previous Cooke product range.

This product range requires a different methodology to produce than other Cooke lenses. The facility has adopted a three-tier level approach to environmental control, with all areas positively pressured to minimise contamination during the assembly processes. It features specific MTF (modulation transfer function), projection and camera tests, all employed to ensure that the lenses are finely tuned to exact parameters. The facility has been designed with expansion in mind, ready for the implementation of the remaining focal lengths that will make up the complete S8/i FF range of 16 lenses.

Cooke Optics has recruited an additional 12 staff into the assembly process, with a further six staff into the glass production group.

Cooke is also opening a new Creative Centre located at Chaowai SOHO, in the Chaoyang district of Beijing, headed by Technical Sales Manager, Anson Gil Mercado. It incorporates an in-house studio where customers can test a wide variety of Cooke lenses, as well as meeting rooms and a lounge area for events.

Tim Pugh, CEO, Cooke Optics, said, “Our investment in facilities that improve production and regional outreach are the cornerstone to better supporting our customers worldwide. The S8/i FF production facility will allow us to get premium lenses into the hands of our customers far quicker than has been achieved previously, while our new Creative Centre in Beijing allows local film makers to try out our different lens ranges in a relaxed environment, with experts on hand.”

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