Coolabi Group and Tencent Video to bring ‘Warrior Cats’ to animated life worldwide

In a groundbreaking move within the world of broadcast and audiovisual content production, Coolabi Group has forged a significant partnership with Tencent Video, setting the stage for the development and production of ‘Warrior Cats’ for television and film.

‘Warrior Cats,’ a literary sensation, is a captivating feline fantasy book series that revolves around clans of wild cats. Created by Working Partners, a subsidiary of Coolabi Group, the series authored by Erin Hunter has achieved astounding success. With over 70 million books sold, translations into 38 languages, and an uninterrupted presence on the New York Times bestseller list for the past 16 years, ‘Warrior Cats’ has solidified its place in literary history.

In collaboration with Coolabi, Tencent Video is set to embark on an animated adaptation project that aims to capture a global audience. This endeavor marks the official authorization for the creation of animated content based on ‘Warrior Cats,’ a momentous development for fans worldwide.

The ‘Warrior Cats’ brand boasts an extensive and dedicated following, evident from its official website’s annual traffic of over 1.7 million users last year. Additionally, user-generated content related to the series on platforms like YouTube generated half a billion views in 2023, with nearly 2 billion views on TikTok. Furthermore, the ‘Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition’ game on Roblox consistently ranks as one of the platform’s top-branded games and has been played over 430 million times.

Jeremy Banks, CEO of Coolabi Group, expressed his excitement about the collaboration with Tencent Video, stating, “We are delighted to have concluded an agreement with Tencent Video which will see Warrior Cats brought to animated life around the world. Official animation has consistently been top of the list of requests made of us by the enormous global community of Warrior Cats fans, and I cannot think of a better partner to collaborate with. My team and I could not be more excited about working with the wonderful team at Tencent Video and look forward to seeing Warriors Cats on screens, big and small, across the world.” This development signals a significant milestone in the journey of ‘Warrior Cats’ from page to screen, and fans can eagerly anticipate the animated adaptations that lie ahead.

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