integrates its cloud-based playout system with AJA solutions is a company specialized in developing hybrid cloud playout solutions. It has served clientes alongside Europe and Asia, including SES, Red Bee, and others. Their solutions are designed with microservices, containerized via the Docker platform, and deployed using Kubernetes.

When a client recently expressed interest in a playout system with NDI and SDI inputs and outputs, the team combined its cloud-enabled playout solution coralPlay with AJA’s BRIDGE NDI 3G IP gateway device to deliver a solution.

CoralPlay is capable of playing video and audio in various formats, including XDCAM, AVC Intra, IMX, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4. It also supports several wrappers such as MXF, MOV, and GXF, as well as SD, HD, and UltraHD resolutions, and boasts an internal graphics generator, keyer, master control switcher, DVE, up/down scaler, SCTE inserter/detector, subtitler, and loudness normalization.

Using an AJA video card, SDI video can be output via coralPlay, and inputs can be NDI, H264, or MPEG-2 transport streams. The solution can scale from one to hundreds of channels, those can be launched in seconds. The technology is compatible with dynamic traffic interfaces and allows for last-minute changes to on-air playlists. When playlists are loaded, the system will automatically look for media that corresponds with the media IDs in the playlists. Media can be stored locally, held in deeper storage, or kept on nearline storage on a NAS or SAN. The system will automatically retrieve media, both primary and secondary, that is needed for playout from any deep storage location.

“We were particularly drawn to BRIDGE NDI 3G’s live I/O preview and simultaneous source/ destination capabilities. Both features provide great insight and visibility into the current status of NDI streams and make configuration/control of the BRIDGE NDI 3G simple. Overall, we’ve been very happy with the BRIDGE NDI 3G and the support we’ve received from AJA,” assured CEO Peter Hajittofi.

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