integrates Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP)

User interface of coralPlay software by

Zixi, architect of the Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP), has announced a partnership with, a provider of real-time playout, workflow and content preparation solutions for both cloud and the facility that has integrated the SDVP in their coralPlay software playout offering. has developed a software-based playout product using “the latest cloud technologies”, utilizing microservices, docker containers and Kubernetes for deployment and orchestration. Its flagship product, coralPlay, replicates all the functionality of older hardware playout products, such as video servers, graphics devices, subtitle inserters, and switchers. Unlike traditional solutions, coralPlay offers flexibility in where it can be hosted, the ability to offer a wide range of I/O, and the ability to play out a wide range of wrappers and formats. The software can scale from one to hundreds of channels and can be launched “within minutes” without the need for complex re-wiring or having to take the system down to perform software updates.

With coralPlay integration of the SDVP, broadcasters can shift towards software-based infrastructure while maintaining all the functionality of older hardware-based playout solutions allowing their video pipelines to improve the reliability of signal distribution between the pipeline and either AWS MediaConnect or Zixi Receivers for hosting in other clouds. Using Zixi’s technology, coralPlay users can realize “secure, ultra-low latency and error-free live content delivery over IP with up to 45% packet loss recovery”, according to the press release.

“As the default standard for live linear IP video, our customers from around the world have been asking for Zixi support by name,” said Peter Hajittofi, CEO, “The Zixi partnership provides flawless IP video transport at scale, with the advanced analytics required for professional broadcast.”

“ is delivering innovative solutions to the market and the world’s biggest broadcasters,” added John Wastcoat, SVP Strategic Alliances and Marketing, Zixi. “The coralPlay integration gives them not only the most advanced software-based playout features, but also the highest quality of experience improving customer retention.”

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