CP Communications announces its new STREAM family of products

Logo of Red House Streaming, a brand of CP Communications

2019 NAB Show will host the presentation of the new STREAM family of content acquisition solutions of CP Communications’ Red House Streaming. These products, according to Jerry Gepner, COO of CP Communications, “are a direct response to the changing content creation and distribution requirements taking shape around the industry as IP technology and cellular services become foundational in broadcast and production”.

CamSTREAM is a single or dual camera acquisition system with streaming support over WiFi, Ethernet and bonded cellular service. It is a plug-and-play solution that can be used in unattended operation such as distance learning, corporate events, worship service or small TV studio productions. In addition, MultiCam STREAM is a scalable multi-camera acquisition camera system for at-home for live-streamed and at-home productions. It can support four cameras, 32 audio channels and data in its base configuration. Eacg camera feed are simultaneously ingested in the system and can be decoded and delivered to service providers on multiplexed single streams or as individual SDI feeds. By last, Production STREAM is a Multi-camera flypack acquisition system for on-site and remote productions with superior I/O signal necessities. The system integrates Simplylive video switching and Dante-enable audio mixing from Presonus and is aimed at more traditional broadcast and production workflows. It also has, as the MultiCam Stream, tally and four-wire intercom support.

The three products, part of CP Communications’ Red House Streaming brand, are easy to set up. Gepner insists in the flexibility of the systems: “By offering packaged solutions that are flexible and often scalable, we enable our customers to produce more content at lower prices and without time-consuming engineering challenges. The STREAM family is aimed to serve virtually any content acquisition and live production need, and will be especially attractive for businesses that lack the in-house resources to put together a purpose-built solution.”

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