CP Communications provides its Red House streaming products for Hoka’s new launch event

CP supported Hoka live streaming event

CP Communications supported Hoka, a sports shoe brand, in the streaming of its new launch event. In collaboration with Flightline Films, CP used its Red House streaming family IP and bonded cellular solutions to broadcast more than eight hours of live racing coverage.

Hoka invited some runners to try to break the 100k world record, while trying a pair of its new model, the Carbon X 2. The event was produced by Flightline Films, who contracted CP and was aired in Hoka’s website. The shoot exclusively relied on CP’s Red House Streaming (RHS) IP and bonded cellular solutions for live 4K and 1080p content acquisition.

CP technicians brought CP4, a 40-foot production B unit, to house the streaming signal processing and monitoring equipment, including several Mobile Viewpoint Playout 2K4 servers. Two motorcycles and one car accompanied the runners and provided the footage during the race, while the production team was following the Covid-19 protocol.

The car was featured with robotic camera mounted to a Flowcine Black arm stabilizer, which provided 1080p footage throughout the race and was paired with a Mobile Viewpoint Agile Airlink encoder. Both motorcycles, provided by MediaMotos, were equipped with Blackmagic cameras and acquired all content in 4K using Mobile Viewpoint Ultralink 4K.  Both vehicles were equipped with microphones, providing embedded audio that was de-embedded in the FlightLine truck and used during the production.

“There was zero RF at this event, so we provided nearly 100 percent coverage for both 1080p and 4K content acquisition over IP and bonded infrastructure,” said Ready. “We streamed the 12G-SDI camera output directly into our Agile UltraLink 4Ks, which we mounted on the back of the motorcycles. We maintained a steady stream of 6-8 Mbps for signal encoding from the Smart Car, and 15-16 Mbps from the motorcycles.” said Brian Ready, Account Manager and System Engineer, CP Communications.

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