CP Communications provides solutions for ESPN, FOX and MLB Network during All-Star Game

ESPN, FOX and MLB Network have selected RF coordination and an extensive complement of equipment from CP Communications. Those solutions took part during Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game and related events earlier this month at Coors Field in Denver. The RF Coordination strategy for the All-Star Game included pre-planning and acquisition of 1108 frequencies, covering RF video systems, audio, return video, paint control, intercoms and two-way radios.

CP’s support included 16 RF handheld cameras, including two FlyCam systems, two “Megalodon” Sony cameras (with shallow depth of field), a Sony HDC-P50 compact POV on a MōVI camera rig, a SteadiCam, and batting cage POVs. CP added 60 wireless microphones that were used throughout the events by reporters and other on-air talent, plus umpires, coaches, and players. Some mics were even planted in the ground to capture game audio and effects.

From the OB vehicle HD21 the CP Communications crew provided support for the Home Run Derby on July 12 (ESPN), the Red Carpet All-Star Show at McGregor Square on July 13 (MLB Network), the All-Star Game on July 13 (FOX), and the three-day MLB Draft at the Bellco Theatre in Denver that started on July 11 (ESPN and MLB Network).

“We had our own all-star crew of 23 on site that was truly second to none”, said Michael Mason, president of CP Communications. “Over four days, we coordinated between three networks in multiple venues producing event coverage plus regularly scheduled network programming. Coordination was an essential part of our game plan. The All-Star Game is one of the most high-profile events in professional sports, and we delivered high-quality support for all of our clients”.

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