CP Communications covered the TCS New York City Marathon over IP

CP Communications has recently announced that provided live coverage at the 50th running of the TCS New York City Marathon on Nov. 7. That coverage featured direct feeds of the professional athlete races and it was based on IP encoding and bonded cellular solutions. It also managed the event’s Virtual Media Center (VMC) for remote journalists.

Film 45 and New York Road Runners in partnership produced the five-hour live broadcast for ESPN2 and WABC-TV, and a three-hour live World Feed for international broadcasters. CP Communications’ HD21 mobile unit served as the central hub for managing the production’s 30 inbound and 20 outbound video signals (including 14 feeds for the VMC). All inbound IP streams were decoded and converted to HD-SDI for distribution. CP also handled paint control for 14 cameras covering the race, which hosted approximately 25,000 runners across all five boroughs of New York City. Beyond video, all internal communications were handled by CP through the Unity IP-based intercom system managed on-site in HD21.

Race coverage included footage from two helicopters, four smart cars and two motorcycles. Two cars featured robotic cameras on Black Arm stabilization systems, as well as Dream Chip POV cameras for on-camera talent coverage. There were also three remote production sites on the course, each supporting a handheld and jib camera. The sites featured two Mobile Viewpoint UltraLink-Air H.265 encoders, Mobile Viewpoint playout servers for confidence feeds and additional communications equipment.

For the TCS New York City Marathon, CP used the raw camera feeds from the NEP program production and integrated the footage into four multi-viewer streams so journalists could follow different professional runner groups and the international broadcast.

The VMC was built on CP’s FastReturn platform, a remote production workflow solution that provides content security and extensive user management. Approximately 40 journalists were active during the livestream of the post-race top finishers press conference, asking questions through the Zoom Q&A feature. CP utilized its Mobile Viewpoint bonded cellular solution to share live video signals between the production truck and physical Media Center.

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