CuePilot’s collaboration with AJA technology looks for enhance live broadcast

In the world of broadcast and audiovisual production, Copenhagen-based CuePilot has been making waves by harnessing the power of AJA I/O technology to elevate the audience experience.

With a track record spanning thousands of hours of productions across Europe, the United States, and the global market, CuePilot’s technology has been instrumental in concert tours for renowned artists like Rosalia and Beyonce, as well as major broadcasts such as the Eurovision Song Contest. As company states, what started as a tool for directors almost fifteen years ago has evolved into a cross-production solution for various teams, including LED content creators, lighting programmers, stage managers, and artists.

CuePilot’s mobile MacBook Pro production kit features an integrated AJA Io X3 Thunderbolt™ 3 video I/O box, providing essential I/O functionality and connectivity in a compact form factor. Designed for studio and truck environments, CuePilot’s Production Server includes a Mac Studio rack-mounted in a three-unit enclosure with an AJA Corvid 44 12G BNC multi-format I/O card. Corvid 44 12G BNC also allows CuePilot to synchronize with external timecode and control vision switchers with frame-accurate commands.

Looking ahead, CuePilot Specialist Chris Abbott predicts that more broadcasts and live events will prioritize the audience’s overall experience, whether they’re in the front row, at the back of the venue, or watching online.

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