Custom Consoles enhances Radio Botswana studios with advanced control desks

Custom Consoles has installed a set of control room desks for Radio Botswana at their studios in Gaborone, Botswana. This project, consisting of 20 desks and technical furniture, was part of a comprehensive system upgrade carried out by Dega Broadcast Systems

John Cleaver, Director of Dega Broadcast Systems, explained, “The assignment involved designing radio presentation control desks and related facilities with the necessary dimensions and features to accommodate additional program participants or studio guests. Many of the desks were equipped with noise-reducing worktop surfaces and concealed ducts for audio, power, and control cables. Some also featured electrically powered height adjustability, allowing presenters to work either seated or standing.”

Gary Fuller, Sales Manager at Custom Consoles, added, “Our scope of work included central control and production studio control room workstations, a hub desk, news studio control desk, assignable control suite, and a listening room console. We also designed an acoustically treated studio guest table. Leveraging our extensive experience in designing and building radio and TV studio control desks, we collaborated closely with Dega throughout the design, pre-build at our UK headquarters, and the actual installation in Gaborone.”

The on-air console comprises two crescent-shaped sections, with the central part designed for a single presenter/operator facing five guests seated at the outer curve. The inner section includes embedded audio mixing panels, loudspeaker mounts, and computer monitor support. Presenter and guests each have individually adjustable microphone booms. An equipment pod of 14U height is positioned on the left side of the inner desk. The worktop height of these desks and others in the project can be adjusted between 695 and 1,195 mm.

The production control room console and hub desk have a similar size and shape to the inner on-air console, featuring embedded audio mixing panels, loudspeaker mounts, and computer monitor arms. The listening room control console offers a 1.8-meter x 750 mm worktop with curved corners and is designed for a single operator. It accommodates desktop loudspeakers, a communications panel, and a computer monitor.

In addition, the studio guest table is a 3 x 1.2-meter unit with space for up to six guests, each equipped with an adjustable-boom-mounted microphone and an acoustically treated surface to minimize script-handling noise.

Besides, the news studio and assignable control suite are equipped with desks from Custom Consoles’ M-Desk Technical series, while the Modular-R series provided desks for other areas of the project.

Botswana has a strong reputation for media excellence, with its national television network (BTV) being an early adopter of digital technology. Radio Botswana, established in 1965, broadcasts in the Setswana language, offering a diverse program lineup that includes news, parliamentary debates, education, culture, and general entertainment. Radio Botswana 1 and RB2, its sister channel, focus on music, sports, and commercial content.

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