Dalet upgrades its AmberFin transcoding solution to power streaming

Dalet has announced updates to Dalet AmberFin, its transcoding solution. The new version includes full integration with Dalet Flex media logistics and Dalet Pyramid unified news platforms. The company says the new transcoding capabilities enhance the user experience and, together with the award of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review, consolidate Dalet AmberFin’s cloud capability.

“Dalet AmberFin powers streaming workflows, which are constantly evolving. As it is a core technology for our customers, we focus on its continuous improvement and integration into a broad ecosystem,” says Patrick Devlin, Dalet AmberFin Product Manager.

“This release integrates Dalet AmberFin’s renowned conversion quality and content processing technology into our flagship SaaS solutions, Dalet Flex and Dalet Pyramid. As a critical pillar of these solutions, Dalet AmberFin bridges the gap for Dalet customers who need a fully cloud-based media ecosystem with end-to-end production and distribution workflows that can support any existing or emerging vertical market,” concludes the Chief Product Officer.

The company has recognized the changing needs of its customers and this update focuses on the cloud. “It is no longer enough to run an on-premises system and run it on EC2 instances in the cloud, customers want applications that can take full advantage of containerized services, the ability to scale up and down as well as work in a secure environment,” commented Patrick. The AWS Foundational Technical Review provides the foundation for cloud requirements and covers development.

The recently updated Dalet AmberFin Kiosk offers support for formats such as ProRes RAW and NEF, as well as the ability to upload and download large amounts of content. The tool verifies content integrity and enriches metadata. Processing queue enhancements leverage Netflix Photon’s validation tools to enable key IMF workflows in the cloud. Other enhancements for production efficiency include support for UHD input and output with a standard transcoder node and ABR DASH and HLS packet writing while capturing content.

In 2022, Dalet Flex will be available as a multi-tenant SaaS offering. For its part, Dalet Pyramid will provide newsrooms with virtualization of all their operations.

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