Dalet Flex shows flexibility of cloud-based systems to Migo’s offline-content-viewing services

Dalet has recently announced that its cloud-based tool Dalet Flex is now part of Migo’s expansion plans and data delivery. Migo is a service designed for emerging economies and mass markets. Currently, Migo offers a variety of premium video content for download over local WiFi hotspots called Migo Download Stations (MDS). The service is created to allow users enjoy offline viewing on mobile devices at places where download or streaming over cellular is often not possible due to limited budgets or insufficient broadband infrastructure.

Migo is now offered in the Jakarta metropolitan area. The addition of the Dalet Flex platform to Migo’s technology infrastructure truly enables the complex video and metadata packaging requirements to be managed.

“Migo facilitates what would have been an out-of-reach, expensive digital experience for the mass market consumer segments, as a snackable and affordable product, and uses Dalet Flex streamline content package and delivery”, states Daniel Money, Operations & Supply Chain Director from Migo. “Dalet Flex is a strategic technology solution that manages our data delivery workflow, as we build an entirely new category for content delivery and consumption using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that is telco-independent”.

Consumers can download Migo content over a local public WiFi at one of the planned 100,000 proprietary kiosks located in small stores at Indonesia. Once downloaded, consumers can watch offline without the need for an Internet connection.

The Dalet Flex architecture provides extensive flexibility. Migo has needed it to solve the pandemic restrictions, and it is even well suited to meet its expansion plans to scale to 1,000 locations this year.

“Migo’s business model adds another layer of complexity to the usual digital content packaging and delivery needs”, concludes Patricio Cummins, general manager for Dalet in APAC. “Dalet Flex takes care of the intricacies while enabling users to work collaboratively across locations thanks to cloud infrastructure. Migo can efficiently manage thousands of hours of content within their content warehouse while leveraging in-house integrations for transcoding and distribution”.

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