Dalet develops functionalities and enhances Dalet Flex capabilities in its latest upgrade

Dalet has announced new features for Dalet Flex. In short, these capabilities support accessibility requirements, expanded language options and camera data management capabilities.

In this latest update, the solution also adheres to the principles of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, making it easier for everyone to collaborate on any project, including those with disabilities.

Regarding increased accessibility, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines have been developed in collaboration with professionals and international organizations to provide a single, shared standard for Web content accessibility. Improvements range from color adjustments for higher contrasts to tags that identify interactive page elements, to the reorganization of HTML elements and styles.

On the other hand, regarding the extension of language support, users can now switch between one language and another in the Dalet Flex interface.

Finally, thanks to the integration with Dalet AmberFin, Dalet Flex now has an advanced camera card and extended clip management. These solutions make it possible to explore the assets on the card and, for distributed media, capture basic information about each underlying file.

“Dalet Flex continues to deliver immense value with capabilities that make our customers more agile and inclusive,” says Mathieu Zarouk, Director of Product Marketing, Dalet. “We are facilitating the use of Dalet Flex from the moment content is captured until it is distributed, monetized and archived. Camera card management and deep integration with tools like Adobe Premiere Pro along with key accessibility design and language support make Dalet Flex the most robust cloud-based media management, production and distribution platform on the market.”

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