Dalet will build the “world’s most advanced multi-platform newsroom” with a prominent North American broadcaster

Newsroom stock image

Dalet has signed a deal with a leading North American broadcaster to build its next-generation, borderless multi-platform newsroom on Dalet Galaxy five. The broadcaster’s operation is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service that includes four distinct traditional and digital news entities dedicated to delivering breaking news to more than 90 million homes. The digital transformation will leverage advanced Cloud and AI technologies and move all production and distribution operations to the cohesive Dalet Galaxy five platform, a unified Media Asset Management (MAM), Workflow Orchestration and Editorial environment.

Based on a modern, video over IP infrastructure that uses the SMPTE 2110 standard, Dalet Galaxy five platform underpin the entire multi-platform production and delivery workflow, integrating key broadcast systems and propelling new workflows that will improve remote editing user experience. Dalet Galaxy five’s orchestration capabilities will facilitate metadata-driven operations that automate complex media processes, distribute tasks and streamline workflows.

Frederic Roux, vice president of sales, Americas, Dalet, comments on the multi-workflow advantages Dalet Galaxy five offers: “This particular news network is on air 24/7 and what they must deliver is far more diverse than straightforward news shows. They need to produce studio news programs and documentary-style shows, which are much closer to long-form programming workflows and often feature multi-camera productions. In addition, a new kind of storytelling is required when producing for OTT and digital, which adds complexity to the production chain.”

Roux continues, “Dalet Galaxy five is able to facilitate standard news, long-form programming and digital workflows simultaneously. The transition to the platform brings immense efficiency to the operation with limitless options to implement future workflows and iterate quickly with new, digital-first initiatives. The consolidation of systems required to drive these disparate workflows will also help optimize the total cost of ownership for the broadcaster. In this era of fast-changing news consumption behavior, our customers need an agile platform that can adapt quickly to their new business reality. This agility is inherent to the Dalet Galaxy five hybrid architecture.”

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